Published: January 31, 2020

Martial Arts For Spring Hill Kids

As parents, we know that it is our job to make sure that our children are safe. There are many risks involved in everything they do, but especially in active sports such as football, baseball, basketball and, yes, even cheerleading – It is possible to break a bone or get a bloody nose. Research has shown that there is less severe injuries in martial arts than most other contact sports.

Emotional, Behavioral and Developmental (EBD) effects of the program create high concerns in some areas due to the myth behind martial arts. However, many research studies show positive changes in children who practice the martial arts consistently. In a recent study, behavioral statistics showed that children who take Karate between the ages of 8-10 did not show any signs of aggression in tests. Kids who train in martial arts are less prone to violence than those who don’t.

The answer to the question, “How safe are the martial arts programs for your child?” depends on the school and the teacher. Our programs at yang’s Martial Arts emphasize safe techniques, and applying them with discipline and respect. Experts reinforce that the martial arts are very beneficial in many ways and are one of the most effective treatments for children who have ADHD, as they instill self-control and concentrations. Integrity, confidence and social skills are among the strongest benefits that a child can gain during training.

When deciding which martial arts school is safe for your child make a check list of questions to ask. The first and most important step to take is visiting the School in person. What better way then to EXPERIENCE the overall feeling when you walk in the school. It is a good idea to take a classes and see first hand how and what the instructors are teaching and see the environment they will be training in. Remember it is very important that you find an instructor that your child is comfortable with.

First impressions are lasting impressions. As a parent of a child currently active in martial arts I’m amazed by the extent and level of personal values he has acquired through his training. Take my word for it when I say hesitation and fear was an understatement for me when my child was practically begging to start Martial Arts Class and by saying that I’m speaking from the heart as a concerned parent who is very involved and up to date with programs such as these and the morals they stand for. Seeing is believing. Get involved by trying out the program yourself and take advantage of the free offers they have monthly. This will be a great time for you and your child to experience the positive side of martial arts together.

Martial arts training is the best investment parents can make for their children in Spring Hill and surrounding areas like Hillsdale, Stilwell, Gardner, Louisburg, Olathe, and Ottawa.

Angela Yang

Yang’s Martial Arts
21181 West 223rd St
Spring Hill, KS 66083


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Published: January 31, 2020

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