Our instructors offer the finest instruction money can buy. Learning martial arts will teach you focus, discipline, memory, goal setting, respect, confidence, and the realization of the effort that it takes to become a self confident individual.

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Hi, my name is Angela Yang, and I’m very PROUD that hundreds of families all over the Spring Hill area are singing the praises of our programs and telling their friends and neighbors how much of a positive impact it’s having on their lives. Yang's Martial Arts has become a landmark of Spring Hill martial arts! Get started now and find out how you can be healthier, happier, and more confident with Yang's Martial Arts training!

6th Degree Black Belt

Grand Master Pok Jean Yang

Grand Master Pok Jean Yang is the Headmaster  and Owner of Yang’s Martial Arts in Olathe as Angela Yang’s Spouse. He is a Kukkiwon Certified 7th Degree Black Belt holder. With over 40 years of martial arts experience, he is an expert not just in the physical aspect of Taekwondo, but in the theoretical and intellectual aspect as well.

He was a Taekwondo representative athlete of his middle and high school in the USA, at Chang’s TKD where he was required to train daily for 2  to 3 hours after school.

As sparring as his specialty, Master Yang has won numerous Gold Medals in multiple Korean National Championship Taekwondo Sparring Tournaments.

Grand Master Yang had won the Korean National Championship in 1986, he  had numerous wins in Midwest, State Champion, national Champion, Korean American National Champion, in 1989-1993.


  • Head Master and Owner, Yang’s Martial Arts School, Olathe, and Spring HIll, KS
  • Kukkiwon – Certified 7th Degree Black Belt
  • Korean National Championship , 1986
  • Certificate of Recognition IL  TKD Association 1991
  • Letter of Recommendation from Kukkiwon 2010, 2015
  • Appointment President of the state of Missouri USA TKD 2010
  • Certificate of Appreciation world TKD Culture EXpo 2013
  • Poosae & Sparring Seminar from world TKD 2013
  • U.S.A martial arts Hall of Fame ( Master of the year) 2015
  • Certificate of Recognition from Assemblyman in California 2019

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4th Degree Black Belt

Master Angela Yang

Master Angela Yang-

Master Angela yang is the Chief master at Yang’s martial Arts school in Spring Hill.

She came to the US as the bride of the Master Yang at the age of 29 and began to immerse herself in life with TaeKwonDo. As she learned TaeKwonDo she was attracted to the spirit and practice of it so much that she went back to Korea each year for 10 years to the masters there in order to learn deeper meanings and understanding of the principles.

After she worked as the Head Instructor at the Grand Master Yang’s Dojang for 15 years she decided to branch out on her own at a small Dojang in Spring Hill KS where she wanted to help the children’s dreams and hopes become reality.

She is hands on and visible on the floor interacting with the students. Her passion and dedication for Taekwondo is consistent with her willingness to learn, train and teach at all times.

She brings out positive energy in students of all ages and is able to communicate specific skills they must master.

She has managed her own Dojang for the last 5 years and is thankful for having improved many children’s lives there.

She is a recipient of the Blue Cross Blue Shields of KC grants for 2019 and 2020 to provide the training for the underserved community.

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